Our Bikes

Akureyri Adventure offers only high quality bikes to you. We want the day to be memorable and fun. That is why we choose to use E-bikes for our tours. So you can enjoy all the fun stuff and make the more tough parts fun also.

  • E-bike is a electric power assisted cycling. So you actually need to pedal the bike but much less then on a regular bike. The motor does all the hard work so flats and hills become much more easy. E-bikes are more heavy then regular bikes but with the motor they handle easy and are very pleasant to ride.
  • Full suspension bikes are bikes that have suspension on both front and rear tire, so it makes the ride incredible smooth both on just regular roads and on wilder single track trails.
  • We have 4 Cube Stereo Hybrid SL 500 bikes at hand so only small groups can ride with us. This makes the tours more personal and fun.
  • We have:
  • 1x small bike
  • 2x medium bike
  • 1x Large bike