This is a demanding tour where the goal is to ride single track to the fullest but safe.

Akureyri has the best single track lanes in Iceland. The local enduro riders have been shaping up the trails for years and making them an awesome day out for serious riders. Start with a climb of 400m “easy with e-bike” and then flow 15km of great enduro trails before coming back to base. There are no big jumps but few small ones and all of them have a bypass for your safety. If you want to experience all the fun in the world with the help of an high end full suspension E-bike this is the tour. Let our experienced enduro riders show you the fast flow and some great scenery on our home turf.

Tour Info

Operating: 1. July – 15. October

Difficulty: 3 out of 4

Duration: 3.5 hrs.

Length: 35km.

What’s included? Full-suspension high end E-Bike, helmet, and a guide.

What do I need to bring? The weather in Iceland is always unpredictable and we can have 4 seasons in one day. So bring a smalll backpack with rain proof jacket, gloves, hat that fits underneath the helmet and a water bottle.

Good to know: On this tour we will introduce you to some of the hidden-land. These are trails not many know off and should be enjoyed
in the company of trustworthy local guides and powerful E-Bikes that can handle the terrain. You could expect to get your feet wet and even more. This is for the serious biker that want a challenge.

Price per person: 35.990 ISK